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Onsite Inventory Management - the Original Outsourcing

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Since 1969, WordCom   (a Tulsa, family-owned company) has offered state-of-the-art office technology outsourcing solutions.  We are a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals who delight in making you and your office more productive and efficient.    We are proud of our reputation for expertise, integrity and ethical business practices.

We deliver TECHNOLOGY SUPPLIES to your offices (paper, laser toner, inkjet ctgs, office supplies, printers, ribbons, data storage media), AND we have Online Ordering.

We offer On-The-Shelf Inventory and FAST DELIVERY to your offices, and will shelf product for you.

We SERVICE and REPAIR printers, fax machines, shredders (and offer prepaid, discounted labor rates).

We are certified by HP, Lexmark, IBM, Microsoft, Compaq AND Dell (reseller).

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We can manage your inventory needs onsite on a weekly basis, freeing you to concentrate on core areas of your business.

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