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Questions for New/Veteran Archers
                              Questions for the new or veteran archer:

Where should your feet be positioned? How do you know when the position is right, or when it should be
How should your bowhand be positioned on the bow grip?
How firm should your grip be on the bow?
What position should your front shoulder be in at the beginning of your draw? What about at full draw?
Why is a high bow shoulder a problem?
How do you keep a stable bow shoulder and still have an athletic shoulder that is responsive to your brain's
aiming instructions?
What are the four basic sections of the shot sequence?
What are the subsections/goals of each section?
How far back should you pull the bow string?
Where do you put your string hand?
How do you aim?
If you can watch all of these 10 second videos
( Baseball , and Curling ...
Do you get the thread between these four following clips?  It's ALL THE SAME THING.  It's exactly how the top
archers apply the increasing teapot tension to break the clicker or execute the clickerless shot).

Dean (audio version of the principle)
Mikhail, (visual body/dance version of the principle)
Gael (archery version - the shooting tension riiiiiiiiiiight to the athletic moment of the clicker)
Brady (yeah!) )
and don't know how they all fit together cohesively with shooting an arrow, you need me as your coach
Describe the sequence of events/actions that takes place just prior to releasing the string
If compound, how do you determine where your peep sight goes?
If compound, how do you determine when your 'wall' is at the optimal position?
If Olympic Recurve or target compound, how do you know when your stabilizer weight is the correct
Should you shoot with one eye closed, or both eyes open?
If Olympic Recurve, what is your checklist as you begin to aim?
If Barebow, how do you aim? What is your checklist as you aim?
What should be your general pre-competition training routine leading up to a competition?

                       If you do not know the answers to these questions, whether you're a veteran
                       archer or new to the sport, then you would benefit greatly from working with a
                       knowledgeable archery coach. After working with me on your form, your
                       technique, and your mental game and competition preparation, you will know the
                       answers to all of these questions.
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