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Non-members, please ask Coach Larry for information regarding club benefits and costs - 918-809-8642, or tulsaarcherycoach@gmail.com
                               Training Manual 
                Form, Strength, Technique, Mental

Basic Form Introduction (and Review):

Benefits of Club Membership (ask Coach Larry for club joining details)
Advanced Training:
* Strength Exercises:
* Repetition Practice
* Training  - A Habit to Help Focus Training on The Correct Things
* Visualization Improvement Technique:
* Menu of Training Modules:

Advanced Technique:
* Bow Hand Technique (how does ‘Proper Technique feel?)
* Shooting Form/Technique - Linear Draw:
* When Do I Decide the Moment to Actually Shoot?

Putting It All Together for the Advanced Archer
How To Plan a Battle Campaign for the Next Competitive Season
* Three Legged Stool - Form, Tuning, Mental Game