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My teaching goals:

1) make sure every student knows the basics of range safety, and the basics of solid shooting form and mechanics

2) encourage every student to acquire a lifelong passion for archery, and to help them see/feel/aspire to the beauty in this poem
(click here for poem).

3) nurture those archers who are moved to pursue their upper limits of archery capabilities - delving into not only the science and the art of archery, but also exploring/developing their mental game

My focus:
I will be focusing on the shooting fundamentals (and the science/art of tuning) that run through all forms of archery, exploring the principles and techniques that will build/increase solid skillsets for archers in various disciplines, whether that be Olympic style Target Recurve, Genesis bow shooting for students in K-12, or compound bows for target or hunting.  The advantages of a relaxed bow hand, a stable bow shoulder, a still head, proper alignment, and back tension cuts across all disciplines.  Whether you're a beginning recreational shooter, or an experienced competitive shooter, our sessions will make you better.

I am here to serve you, and to follow the lead of the student's aspirations.  I don't believe there's much benefit in me being Vince Lombardi if the student just wants to throw the football around in his front yard for some exercise and enjoyment.  So, the first several lessons a student usually gets "instructional/informative/entertaining Larry".  As soon as the student decides (and communicates that to me so that we're both on the same page) to start making a focused commitment to becoming a better archer (which usually includes acquiring his/her own equipment, and always includes practicing on his/her own), then they get more "Coach Larry", and we start working and training on each of the various shot/form components.   Once the student's form begins to firm up, then we will introduce some advanced concepts and begin working on training for score.  After a certain amount of progress on that front, then we'll start training for competition (both physically and mentally).   I can't "make you win", but I can teach you how to "train to put yourself in a position to win", always mindful to keep clear lines of communications about your current state of time/goals/aspirations.

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  If you're ready,
let's get started.