Tulsa Archery Coach is pleased to announce the Best of Both Worlds - offering you expert guidance AND savings on most brands of archery equipment and accessories.

Step One

You come in for an initial archery lesson, to satisfy your curiosity that you’ve had for this sport.  You find during that first lesson that you have found an activity that resonates with you on a fundamental level, and you desire to continue.  Over time, you engage in additional lesson(s) and practice sessions, and experiment with some of the different range bows/limb weight combinations.  At some point, you decide that you are hooked enough that you would like to acquire your own equipment that you can customize/fit/personalize to perfectly fit/compliment your shooting goals.

Step Two 

At this point, having taught you proper basic form, and observed your shooting style/progress/commitment, I will discuss the pros and cons of different equipment options.  My suggestions and observations will be based upon a variety of factors - your current shooting skill level, your level of shooting interest/commitment, etc.  My recommendations will then be a list of choices, ultimately determined by your preference/choices.  In most cases, this will result in ordering equipment that matches your exact preferences.

I have no interest in being a traditional retail shop stocked with expensive existing inventory, where the prevailing inclination is to
"move what we have by convincing the customer that even though he wants a blue bow, the red one is great and the shop will knock off $10 if he buys the red one"; or "she'd probably be best off with a pair of 18lb short limbs, but the shop has this pair of 22lb medium limbs on the shelf, and, you know, they are almost as ideal as the 18lb short limbs, and we really need to move these limbs anyway."  Resisting this retail trap, and carrying no inventory on hand, means that I can fulfill your equipment desires at a noticeable cost savings to you.

It’s a win - win.  The beauty of this arrangement is that you are getting a ‘Custom Tailored Suit’ experience, coupled with ‘off the rack’ price savings.

1. Cartel(5)
2. Fiberbow(2)
3. Fivics(7)
4. Gillo(2)
5. Hoyt(18)
6. Infitec Archery(1)
7. LAS Distribution(2)
8. MK Archery(1)
9. Mybo(2)
10. PSE(1)
11. Samick(4)
12. SF Archery(8)
13. Spigarelli(4)
14. Uukha(1)
15. Win & Win(13)