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June 30
USAA-OK Outdoor Target JOAD and Adult State Championship (hosted by Tulsa Archers Club) ....

TAC archers take home 5 gold (Aurora, Raymond, Andrew, Amy, Josh), 2 silver (Julia, Ian), and 2 bronze (Elizabeth, Jimmy) !!!!

Link to pics:

June 23
State Outdoor Games of Oklahoma ...

TAC archers take home lots of bling!  Aurora sets state record.  Jeff becomes only the 4th or 5th Oklahoman to break 830 in an American 900 round in the last dozen years or so.  Andrew and Amy win.  Elizabeth,  Jimmy, Larry medal. 

Click for:  USA Archery 2018 Tournament Schedule

USA Indoor Nationals
- Tessa wins National Bronze in Barebow Female Bowman division!
- Andrew wins National Bronze in Barebow Male Bowman division!


           Texas Shoot-Out                  Jeff takes Silver medal in Ranking Round!

           Chula Vista - SoCal USAT   Jeff Starkweather takes Bronze Medal!!!

          Senior Olympics
                    Jeff Starkweather won a Gold Medal in his division (Oly Recurve, 50-54) !!
                    Amy Pack won a Gold Medal in her division (Barebow, 50-54), and shot the
                            second highest score in Senior Olympics history.
                    Larry won a Bronze Medal in his division (Oly Recurve, 60-64).

          Florida Gator Cup
                   Jeff Starkweather finished 7th in the ranking round, and came storming back
                   today in the Single Elimination Head-to-Head matches to win the SILVER
                   MEDAL!!!!   What fantastic shooting!!!!!  This puts him in the top 5 in the national
                   rankings for the USAT Masters team.   JUST  A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO


          USA Archery Indoor Nationals:
                   Erika Jones - 1st Place ... National Champion
                   Jeff Starkweather -  8th Place
                   Amy Pack - 12th Place

          NFAA Archery Indoor Nationals:
                   Erika Jones - 2nd Place
                   Liz Martin - 4th Place

          Click here for KOTV (Channel 6) Interview with Erika and shooting at TAC range       

         Feb 4th/5th
         Sooner State Indoor Winter Games
                 Tulsa Archers Club hauls the metal home ...

Aurora 1st,   Raymond 1st, Larry 3rd, Anne R 2nd, Jeff S 2nd,
                  Traci 2nd, Andrew T 2nd flight 3rd,
                  Amy 1st, Ryann 1st , Liz 1st

         USA Archery-Oklahoma Indoor State Championship

              Tulsa Archers Club JOAD picks up 8 podium finishes

Congratulations to all Tulsa Archers Club JOAD members who competed in this weekend's USA Archery-Oklahoma Indoor State Championship, especially to those who placed. I'll forward any noteworthy scores as I get them. As a club we ended up with four 1st place, three 2nd place, and one 3rd place. Nice shooting!

Also, Erika Jones won silver in the Lancaster Classic Female Compound Open division this weekend, missing gold by 1 point to the currently 3rd ranked archer in the world. What an impressive return to the big stage for her, after an almost 2 year hiatus to have a baby.

Aurora 1st (12yr old)
Elizabeth 1st (13yr old)
Raymond 2nd (11yr old)
Tracy 2nd (adult)
Liz 1st (adult)
Jay 3rd (adult)
Amy 1st (adult)
Jeff Starkweather 2nd (adult)