Designed by LKS
Ages:        7 to 87

Times:  throughout the workday 10am to 5pm, select
                         weeknights (inquire), and Saturdays

2 Locations:   
- 1801 E. 3rd Street, Tulsa, OK 74104 (one block east of Utica on the north side of 3rd St)
- 11800 S. Memorial, Bixby, OK (west side of Memorial)

$ Rates:
          In person:

                 $50/single lesson;
                 $140/3-lesson package
                 $185/4-lesson package
                 $20/lesson for each additional archer in a lesson
Online Video/Streaming:
                Google Hangouts:
$35/one-on-one lesson (half hour)
- $130/4-lesson package
                         - you must have your own gear and access  to Google Hangouts (it's free), a webcam, a                            Bluetooth hands free headset that integrates to your computer system (or microphone and             speakers) , and a safe place to shoot.
               Video Form Evaluations                                  
                - $25/video
                         - you must have your own gear and ability to send me a link to your video for review.

What you will need at the in-person lesson:

We have all the equipment needed. 
               The student only needs to bring an expectation of having fun and learning

Miscellaneous Info:
-In person lessons last between 45min and 1 hour.
              -No dropoffs of minors
              -More info, call Larry 918-809-8642
              -Schedule a lesson

Basic Lesson Information
Single Google Hangout lesson:
4-lesson Google Hangout lesson:
Video Form Evaluation: