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These are excellent videos to illustrate perfect archery form, and how exciting this sport can be

Basic Form Introduction (and Review):

2004 Olympic Games

Archery Promo Video

1996 Archery Gold Medal Match

Video of Park Sung Hyun (arguably the world's greatest female recurve archer)

Click: Video of  Lee Tuk Young and two others practicing at blank bale - Notice the rhythm/pace and strong shots

Click: Video of  Yu Mi Kim, Aida Roman, Park Se Hui at Vegas

Click:  Aurora shooting outdoor state record 862/900

Click: Darrell Pace and Rick McKinney 1984 - wow

Click: Slow Motion Study of TAC's very own Erika Jones (World Record Holder)

Click: Slow Motion Study of Brady Ellison (3-time Olympic medalist)

Click: Slow Motion Study of Chang Hye Jin (2016 Olympic Gold)

Click: Different Draws (but same ending In-Line Position) of Korean Dream Team

Click: Training Technique For Improved Alignment/Bow Command

Click: World Elite Archers Going Head-to-Head World Cup Indoor

Click: Youth Finals World Indoor Championships 2019 - Pace and Control

Click:  A study of internal opposing-force-balance - both these Korean females 'find their internal alignment/balance spot' well before they get to anchor, and it helps them hold only 1-2 seconds before clicker break/release

Click:  Another study of internal opposing-force-balance - watch Brady setup - he draws back to his body alignment then anchors and gets comfortable, but still has a little settling before he's into his final alignment/balace form, and is a reason why his pace from anchor to release is  usually around 5 seconds

Click:  Change Hye Jin in Shanghai Gold Medal match 2018 - tightest competition group Iíve ever seen.  See how purposeful she is - focused, confident, dialed in.  Also see how she pauses before she draws back the last third to anchor, in order to achieve her internal balance (finds her spot) Ö only then does she continue to her (tight!) anchor and then the confident clicker break and rip through the string.

Click:  Great match 2019 World Championship between womens Chinese Taipei and Korea - excellent examples of different but equally exquisite styles