These are excellent videos to illustrate perfect archery form, and how exciting this sport can be

2004 Olympic Games

Archery Promo Video

1996 Archery Gold Medal Match

Video of Park Sung Hyun (arguably the world's greatest female recurve archer)

Click: Video of  Lee Tuk Young and two others practicing at blank bale - Notice the rhythm/pace and strong shots

Click: Video of  Yu Mi Kim, Aida Roman, Park Se Hui at Vegas

Click:  Aurora shooting outdoor state record 862/900

Click: Darrell Pace and Rick McKinney 1984 - wow

Click: Slow Motion Study of TAC's very own Erika Jones (World Record Holder)

Click: Slow Motion Study of Brady Ellison (3-time Olympic medalist)

Click: Slow Motion Study of Chang Hye Jin (2016 Olympic Gold)

Click: Huge Gain In Draw Weight This 2018, and Still The Exquisite Form