About Me
Name:           Larry Seale
Address:       Midtown, Tulsa, OK
Phone:          918-809-8642
Email:           TulsaArcheryCoach@gmail.com


What is more beautiful than an arrow in flight, or a child who has been given wings?
Archery is a wonderful metaphor for learning how to be a good parent.  It will teach you that after you have done all you can do (the work and the learning and the preparation and the concentration) you cannot 'control the arrow', you can only 'release the arrow'.  You have to trust what you've done, and then let it go.

Archery is equally a wonderful teaching metaphor for youth.  In archery, you shoot on a perfectly level playing field. Archery doesn't care about your height, your weight, your gender, your nationality, your color, your religion, or your bank account.  It only cares about your performance - you get what you earn ... If you shoot a 10, you deserved it; if you shoot a 3, you deserved that, too ... it's straightforward, no excuses -
"the arrow is the truth". Archery teaches that you can only control yourself, and that - with a plan, preparation, execution, reflection, and tenacity - you can achieve greatly.
Son, brother, husband, father, friend.  Life long Tulsan.

I am a USA Archery certified Level 3-NTS coach/instructor, and qualified to teach and coach archery athletes from beginners to advanced, juniors to adults.

John Magera - 2004 USA Olympic team, Level 3 USA certified coach; Tom Stevenson - former USA National Collegiate Champion/2013 USA Natl Indoor Masters50+ Bronze, Level 3 USA Certified coach; Kathleen Stevenson - 2011/2013 Outdoor USA National Champion/2012/2013 USA National Indoor Champion, Level 3 USA certified coach; Steve Overbeck, Woodlands Archery, Level 3 USA Certified coach, 2011 National Senior Games Champion; Tulsa Archery Association

Larry Seale has been background screened by USA Archery, and successfully completed the Safe Sport training program; a United States Olympic Committee requirement for all USA Archery coaches.

Taking up Olympic style recurve target archery in April 2010, I fell in love with it. Now, 160,000 released arrows later, and having been mentored by elite archers such as John Magera (2004 Olympic Team), and Tom Stevenson (former national collegiate champion), I have, as of Nov 2017, competed in 21 national championship tournaments (with 17 top 10 finishes, including 2 Gold medals at Senior Olympics 2013 & 2015; silver medal at the Senior Olympics 2011;Silver medal at US Outdoor Target Nationals 2015; Silver medal at US Open Outdoor  Single Elimination National Championship 2015; a Bronze medal at 2016 US National Indoor Championship; a Bronze medal at the 2011 Hoyt World Open; and a Bronze medal in the 2010 US Open Outdoor Target Championships), finished in the middle of the pack in the 2011 USA Olympic Trials Stage 1, finished in the top third of the 2015 USA Olympic Trials Stage 1, numerous regional and Oklahoma and Texas and Kansas state tournament championships 2010-2015, and hold the Oklahoma Masters Division Outdoor Target state scoring record; and the Texas Masters Division Outdoor Target state scoring record).

I have taught many hundreds of people how to shoot safely and accurately, and am coach to a large and growing number of students -  many of whom have podium finishes (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) in state and national competitions. We currently have 6 national champions shooting out of our club.  I am a thinking/analytical coach who will show you not only how to shoot, but I'll help you develop your mental game to put you in a position to win.