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The Innovative Company...since 1969
918-582-8844 (v)
918-582-8896 (f) (e)

Replacement Laser, Fax, Inkjet, and Copy Cartridges

WordCom, Inc. is an INNOVATOR in the Laser Cartridge Industry!

Established in 1969 by a Tulsa family, WordCom was the FIRST company in Tulsa to remanufacture laser cartridges for reuse.

In 1986, WordCom created an in-house manufacturing line to inspect, clean, remanufacture, and pack laser printer cartridges. In the past decade, our operation has grown many times in size and sophistication. WordCom technicians have logged over 60 years in the cartridge remanufacture industry. Our experience, combined with the use of leading-edge techniques and technologies, has enabled WordCom to establish an unmatched standard of quality, responsiveness, and competitiveness!

In January 2000, WordCom partnered with a worldwide manufacturer of laser replacement cartridges.  This manufacturer produces essentially new replacement cartridges in ISO 9001-2000 and 9002 certified manufacturing facilities, the most stringent manufacturing certification to date.  This insures that the cartridges you receive from WordCom are the best replacement cartridges to be found anywhere in the world.

WordCom offers On-The-Shelf Inventory and FAST same or next day delivery!

Among the many innovations that were WordCom "FIRSTS"...

WordCom has learned its craft and honed its skills through
hard work and commitment to excellence. We will continue to
apply these tools and skills to your supply and equipment needs.
We are eager to include your company in our family of customers!

Questions or comments? Give us a call at 918-582-8844,
FAX us at 918-582-8896, or send us an e-mail.

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