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Inventory Management Services

Avoid productivity loss due to running out of computer and printer supplies. Let WordCom keep track of your usage and advise you when to reorder using our inventory management service. You'll never have another out-of-stock crisis!

Our system works like this:

Our computer system analysis indicates a usage pattern for your company. WordCom notifies your company by FAX when your usage pattern indicates that it is time to restock.

Your FAX message includes all the information needed for your order: your account number, part numbers, etc. You simply confirm the items and quantities you wish to order, FAX the message back to us, and your order is on its way!

Nothing could be simpler! And you never have the hassle of not having the supplies you need when you need them!

Questions or comments? Give us a call at 918-582-8844,
FAX us at 918-582-8896, or send us an e-mail.

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